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quinta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2011

About The Yale Spizzwinks(?), The Whiffenpoofs of Yale, MSU Accafellas... and platonic love.

(all the videos mentioned are listed at the end of the post)
(and, man... I´m sorry for the mispelling... but I`m in no mood to correct every damn thing)

Once upon a time... a movie called Sister Act 2. And the songs they sang in the movie. There I was, looking for videos of one of my favorite soundtracks ever, and Youtube was always there to help me. I found a nice version of "Joyful Joyful" by the ACM Gospel Choir. Which lead me to a nice version of "Circle of Life" by Ysgol Glana ethwy. I watched all the Ysgol Glanaethwy's I wonder how the hell they pronunciate that videos and fell in love with choirs.

Then, probably at Twitter, I came across a link to this video of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" by Noteworthy. THAT was fun. I ended up watching all of Noteworthy's videos. Completely in love with a capella style, I started diggin the related videos for more opportunities to find nice a capella groups. Then, I found this version of "Livin' on a prayer" by the Columbia University's Nonsequitur. OMFG, I loved that soloist's voice. It sounded just soooo sweet to me.

And, after hundreds I´m probably not lying of a capella videos, after watching the Nonsequitur's version of "Livin' on a prayer" for the tenth time that day, I found THEM. They were always right there, in the form of a related video. The MSU Accafellas. Their version of "Livin' on a prayer" drove me crazy. For their singing and for their ability to make me laugh out loud watching an a capella group singing. Then, I got to watch their version of "Hallelujah", and there HE was. I feel in love with Rusty Broughton and his messy red hair instantly. From that moment on, things started getting creepy... I looked for all possible videos with Rusty, and my favorite ones were "When you were young" and the "Boy Band Medley". I watched ALL the MSU Accafellas' videos available in Youtube, even the repeated songs... I laughed out loud with "Under Pressure" - Kyle and Andy are sooooooo damn cute.

Then, there was a link in Twitter the other day. A boy singing Michael Jackson's songs. He was the famous Sam Tsui. You won´t find a link to his video in the end of the post, because... well, the video was nice, but it really didn´t... you know... catch me. Then, there THEY were, as a related video... The Yale Spizzwinks(?) singing "Billie Jean". WTH? Guys in tux singing "Billie Jean"? I gave it a chance and... OMFG, it was AWESOME!!! Jamie was so funny and awesome! I couldn´t believe it!

But if I were to say when I definitely fell in love with The Yale Spizzwinks(?), that moment would be watching Brennan Caldwell perform "Pinball Wizard". G-zus... Lord!  The way he walked to the mic, the way he performed that song and, OMG, his looks... It was his fault I started listening to The Who again! And then came the fucking great "Grace Kelly" and "On Broadway" by Brennan again. And the D-LICIOUS "Landed" performed by the gorgeous Alec Torres. What is that sigh when she sings "So come pick me up... (sigh)... I´ve landed". I WILL GO AND I WILL PICK YOU UP ALEEEEEC!!! Sam also sings it, but my favorite version is with Alec and his style. And Sam Bolen is so sweet in "I´m yours". Actually, all of the Spizzwinks are cute. Of course we have our favorite ones, and they are Brennan/Sam/Alec/Scott. And Ryan Dailey could totally play the older Harry Potter, you know... some years after the Battle of Hogwarts.

Then I knew some of the Spizzwinks were now part of the Whiffenpoofs: Brennan, Scott and Calixto, for instance... and there I was... watching all of their videos... And then I fell in love with Ben Wexler... What can I do??? He´s a redhaired!!!  And he seems to be sooo shy!!!

I happened to watch the most of the videos at caldwellj channel at Youtube... and I recommend them all.

Later, I found out that the Whiffenpoofs had just took part in a kind of TV competition called "Sing Off", but didn´t make it til the end. I happened to watch their video of Grace Kelly at the competition. Must confess I got angry because... you know... there´s always someone stupid to tell you that you just like the guys because they´ve been to a TV show. ¬¬

Well... whatever... one of the coolest things I´ve got from this a capella stuff was getting to know awesome songs like "When you were young" (The Killers), "Landed" (Ben Folds), "Grace Kelly" (Mika), "Sugar we´re goin' down" (Fall out boy)... besides revisiting Under Pressure (Queen) and Pinball Wizard (The Who).

Well, enough with that... These three are my favorite a capella groups because because! I spend hours "foreveralone" watching their videos on Youtube, paying attention to each and every member of the group... because apparently I have nothing better to do at night... and isn´t that just sad????

"Joyful Joyful"
"Circle of Life"
"Poker Face" performed by Noteworthy
"Livin' on a Prayer" by Columbia University
"Livin' on a Prayer" by MSU Accafellas
"Hallelujah" performed by MSU Accafellas
"Boy Band Medley" performed by MSU Accafellas
"When you were young" performed by MSU Accafellas
"Under Pressure" performed by MSU Accafellas
"Billie Jean" performed by Jamie (Spizzwinks)
"Pinball Wizard" performed by Brennan (Spizzwinks)
"Grace Kelly" performed by Brennan (Spizzwinks)
"Landed" performed by Alec Torres (Spizzwinks)
"On Broadway" performed by Brennan (Spizzwinks)
"Bad Romance" performed by Brennan (Spizzwinks)

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